Vitaliy Storozhev

Creation of websites for business

I make websites, landing pages and online stores that Google loves

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Website development

I will make a website that will enter the TOP-10 Google

My main activity is SEO promotion of sites in the Google search engine, even at the site planning stage, factors affecting its future promotion are taken into account.

I will ensure the growth of the position of the site

I will do internal website optimization

Minimum cost

Get a quality product at an affordable price



I offer services for the creation of websites and online stores "turnkey"

Corporate website

Information or business site for a firm, company, agency.

Online store

Website for online trading with a large number of product categories


One-page site for selling a service or a small amount of goods

Site on WordPress

Website development on CMS

Site on Opencart

Website development on CMS

SEO website promotion

Integrated promotion


Years of experience


Projects in the portfolio


Google certificate


Satisfied customers


The minimum cost of outsourcing some web development work is indicated

Development from 10000 UAH/service

Execution time from 10 days

Development from 15000 UAH/service

Execution time from 14 days

Development from 5000 UAH/service

Deadline up to 7 days

How to order a site?

I make websites and online stores on CMS “WordPress” and “Opencart”. I offer a full range of services from the stage of web development to promotion and maintenance.

Work order

– Discussion of the project
– Determining the purpose of creating a site, what tasks the site should perform
– Preliminary budget estimate

– Choice of CMS platform (engine)
– Drawing up the structure of the categories of the site
– Discussion of wishes for the content and usability of the site

Approval of the final cost of the project!

– Choose the design of the website template
– Preparation of content for filling (made by the customer)
* content can be provided by the site developer

– Setting up hosting and domain name
– Installation of CMS “engine”
– Customizing the site design template
– Installation of necessary plugins and modules
– Formation of the site structure according to the TOR – Filling with content according to the TOR

A 50% prepayment of the total budget is required – to pay for hosting, domain and template.

– Editing by the client
– Connecting Google Analytics metrics, etc.
– Internal seo optimization (paid separately)

The customer pays the remaining 50% of the budget

    Напишіть мені


    My portfolio of creating websites and online stores on CMS WordPress and OpenCart. The results of work on the promotion of projects on the Internet.

    Web developer

    WEB developer services

    Website development specialist.

    I analyze the market, get acquainted with your business. Identifies the features and major “pains” of your industry to draw up a plan to create the most productive website.

    Development of terms of reference for performers, thinking over the main functions of the site and a description of all stages of work.

    Setting up a design template for the site theme, taking into account the tasks. I will think over all the necessary functions and features for the future website.

    Installing the “engine” on the hosting, setting up the theme template on the CMS, installing the necessary plugins and modules.

    Finding errors, analyzing site performance under high loads and virus attacks, checking site display in different browsers and systems.

    Filling the site with content and launching the project. This is just the beginning, followed by the stage of promotion, advertising and SEO promotion of the website.

    Free business consultation

    My team

    The following will work on your project:

    Crowd marketer

    Oksana Rud

    Content manager

    Julia Volkova

    Html, CSS

    Yevgeny Kamenshchikov


    Elena Brusova

    High-quality website development

    Website development is one of my main specializations as a web developer, I love my job and try to do every job better, using the experience and knowledge I have gained. I can offer you different solutions: website development, business card websites, corporate websites, landing pages and online stores.

    I approach each job individually, it all depends on your goals, often you just need a business card website or a small landing page for small purposes, I am ready to guarantee you professional work.

    For the most effective result, I analyze your competitors in order to create a site better than theirs and give you an edge in the web world. To develop a functional site, I can also offer you: writing unique content for the site, optimization and much more. Order website development from me.

    Development of an online store, landing page, business card site, corporate site or portal site, among which you have to make a choice, we will discuss everything and I will offer you a site that will 100% fulfill its task.