Private internet marketer

Vitaliy Storozhev - Internet marketer №❶.
Specialist in Internet marketing in Kharkov.
I work remotely throughout Ukraine.

Free consultation 24/7

WEB Marketer

Marketing department at the price of 1 employee

I, an Internet marketer, am a universal specialist with knowledge in the field of WEB development, PPC advertising, SEO optimization and extensive experience in organizing a sales department on the Internet.

My services

Contextual advertising

Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization for search engine promotion

Website development

Creation of websites and online stores

Project audit

SEO Project analysis and search for technical errors

Google My Bussines

Advertising and promotion on Google Maps

Complete Solutions

All web tools for project promotion on the Internet


Years of experience


Projects in the TOP-10


Google certificate


Satisfied customers

My tariffs

text ads from 2000 UAH/serv.

shopping ads from 3000 UAH/serv.

advertising from 4000 UAH/mon.

one-page site from 5000 UAH/mon.

corporate website from 10000 UAH/mon.

online store from 15000 UAH/mon.

one-page site from 8000 UAH/serv.

corporate website from 15,000 UAH/serv.

online store from 20000 UAH/serv.

My portfolio

Vitaly Storozhev

Internet marketer in Kharkiv

Need an Internet Marketer? You have reached the address! I will help to develop a project from the stage of creating a site to its promotion in a search engine. You can order the creation of a website or an online store, advertising and a strategy for its promotion. If you have a ready site, I can optimize it for further promotion. As a private Internet marketer, I work remotely throughout Ukraine.

How do I become an internet marketer?

Since 2009, I have worked in various companies in positions related to an online sales organization. He was mainly engaged in the development of a website or an online store for a business company. Over the years, I have gained useful experience in creating, promoting and advertising sites in various topics. In addition to the development of projects, he was engaged in their promotion, technical support, updating content and solving other problems. Working more often with small and medium-sized businesses, I figured out how to build an effective project promotion strategy while having a minimal budget. To achieve the commercial goal of the project, I will always offer the shortest path.

What do I do as a marketer?

1. Familiarization with the product / service, the specifics of this business. 2. research of a competitive environment and formation of a portrait of the target audience. 3. Formation of a proposal for the implementation of the project (tools, timing, cost)

1. Creating a web resource: setting up a domain and hosting, installing a CMS, choosing a template design, installing modules and plugins, filling content, etc. 2. Development of technical tasks for third-party performers. 3. Work on “site usability” to improve the behavioral factors on the site.

1. Setting up web analytics. 2. Works on internal optimization: correction of metadata, clustering of key queries on the site pages. 3. Drawing up a content plan 4. Increasing the mass of links. 5. Indexing site pages. 6. Analysis of the ranking of target queries.

Settings and maintenance of advertising in Google Ads: 1. Contextual advertising (G. Adwords). 2. Trade advertising (G.Shopping). 3. Advertising on the Display Network. 4. Graphic advertising on partner sites. 5. Local advertising on Google maps.

I will audit the site, identify and eliminate technical errors and internal and external optimization.

I will ensure the growth of your site’s position in the search results for the maximum possible number of keywords.

I will fill your site with targeted traffic of potential buyers who need your products / services.

I use every opportunity to tell about the positive aspects of your company to a large number of people.

I will increase the rating of your company with the successful results of satisfied customers recommending you

I will introduce additional sales channels that can and should be increased, going beyond the possibilities.

I will develop a comprehensive action plan to promote your online resource.

Continue to increase the results achieved by scaling up already proven methods and connecting new combinations.

My team

The following will work on your project:

Crowd marketer

Oksana Rud

Content manager

Julia Volkova

Html, CSS

Yevgeny Kamenshchikov


Elena Brusova

About me

Since 2009, Internet marketing specialist Vitaly Storozhev has been specializing in the integrated promotion of small and medium-sized companies, providing a full range of services from developing a strategy and creating a web project to ensuring customer flow and building sales.

I will develop a marketing strategy for promoting an Internet resource using all digital tools that will work effectively at all stages of promoting your project in a search engine.

Advertising tools, good site usability, search engine optimization and a high behavioral factor of site visitors – all this in combination will lead to the achievement of marketing goals.

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