Vitaliy Storozhev

Comprehensive site audit

I will find the weak points of the site that prevent the growth of the site's position in the search results.

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SEO audit

Order an SEO audit of your site

An SEO audit is a detailed check of your project for technical errors and compliance with Google requirements.

What is included in the SEO audit of the site

1. Analysis of the technical condition of the resource

In the process of work, any site “acquires” technical errors: incorrectly configured redirects, duplicate pages, incorrect processing of error pages, problems with the formation of human-readable URLs, slow loading speed and much more. Often these errors are due to CMS-systems, banal inattention or ignorance.

As part of the site audit, I will check the technical SEO, find all risk areas, and give detailed and understandable instructions for correcting the errors found.

2. Compliance of site structure with search demand

Structure is the markup and linking of the pages of a site. It affects the indexing of the resource by search robots and the ranking of pages for relevant queries. Very often there are errors with combining different categories into one, incorrectly configured filter pages, resource cataloging that does not meet the demand of potential customers.

After conducting a search audit, I will identify all such errors, give recommendations for correcting and expanding the site structure.

3. Finding growth points for organic traffic

If it seems to you that you have done the maximum in terms of SEO optimization of the site and you do not know how to increase organic traffic, then SEO site analysis will help you find new growth points and become a plan of action to improve results.

4. Check current contractors or internal SEO team

If you cooperate with a website promotion agency, then an SEO audit will help check your contractor for the quality of the services provided. If you have an internal team or employee, then the audit will help you look at the site from the outside and find new growth points for the project.

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