Vitaliy Storozhev

SEO Specialist Services

Getting the site into the TOP-10 for minimal cost. I will do an SEO audit of the site for free.

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Promotion in Google

Promotion of the site in the TOP-10 of the search engine

Comprehensive solutions that include external and internal SEO optimization aimed at increasing site positions and increasing traffic.

The growth of site positions

Increase in site traffic

Transparent budget

I will calculate all the work in stages



I offer a range of services for the promotion of websites and online stores in the Google search system

SEO audit

Checking indicators that affect the site's position in search results

Internal optimization

Writing metadata, clustering key queries on pages.

Collecting the semantic core

I will collect key requests from various sources and copywriter's TK

Complex SEO of the site

Getting traffic through all available channels

SEO of the online store

Getting traffic and selling the site with the help of digital tools

SEO landing page

Comprehensive promotion and optimization of a one-page site

SEO of the site on WordPress

Internal and external optimization of the site on CMS

SEO of the site on Opencart

Promotion of the online store on CMS

Contextual advertising

Setting up an advertising company for your site

Google My Bussines

Advertising and promotion on Google Maps

Website development

Creation of websites and online stores

Integrated marketing

All tools for project promotion


The minimum cost of some outsourced Internet marketing work is indicated

one-page site from UAH 3,000/service.

corporate site from UAH 5,000/service.

online store from UAH 10,000/service.

one-page site from UAH 3,000/month.

corporate site from UAH 5,000/month.

online store from UAH 10,000/month.

one-page site from UAH 1,000/service.

corporate site from UAH 3,000/service.

online store from UAH 5,000/service.


Years of experience


Projects in the portfolio


Google certificate


Satisfied customers

Terms of promotion

When will the site be in the TOP?

The timing of promotion varies for each project and depends on many factors. Leave a request to receive an individual forecast.

Niche analysis, technical optimization, customization of webmaster tools.

SEO-optimization of website pages, placement of texts, purchase of crowd links.

The first requests for the site appeared on the first pages of the search network. Implementation of the content plan.

Medium-frequency requests are at the top. Increasing the weight of the site.


My portfolio of creating websites and online stores on CMS WordPress and OpenCart. The results of work on the promotion of projects on the Internet.

SEO specialist

Specialist SEO services

Site promotion specialist.

There are probably strong players in your niche who are serious about online promotion. I will carefully analyze their methods and results.

Elimination of duplicates, processing of metadata, placement of optimized texts, site maps, work with internal links, redirects, canonical pages and many other works to improve the quality of the resource in the eyes of search engine robots.

Setting up text and graphic ads that are displayed in the search results and third-party sites of the context-media network (CMS).

Correct binding to the region, setting of language versions, URL parameters, coordination of site page scanning, recommendations for ease of viewing on mobile devices and other work necessary for proper indexing of the site by search engines.

I select platforms for posting backlinks to your project, analyze a lot of links from competitors and build my own link strategy. I am developing a unique anchor letter for the most natural profile profile.

I post links to your site in social networks and on thematic forums.

Development of a content plan In accordance with the project’s promotion strategy, I am developing a technical task for a copywriter with a schedule of posting articles.

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    Free consultation for business

    My team

    The following will work on your project:

    Crowd marketer

    Oksana Rud

    Content manager

    Julia Volkova

    Html, CSS

    Yevgeny Kamenshchikov


    Elena Brusova

    Website promotion

    SEO promotion of sites

    Site promotion is a set of measures aimed at making your site more attractive in the eyes of search engines. The purpose of such promotion is to display the site in the first positions in the results of organic search. The higher the site is in the results of the issue of targeted queries, the more traffic on your site, respectively, the more potential customers for the company.

    What is needed for successful SEO promotion?

    Effective SEO is a comprehensive approach that requires joint efforts between an SEO specialist and a business representative. For in order to bring the site to maintenance, it is necessary to make the site as convenient, informative, and understandable as possible for the user. The task of the customer is to provide all information in time so that the content on site was always relevant. By occupying high positions in the search, the site will consistently bring customers with minimal costs, compared to paid traffic channels.