Vitaliy Storozhev

PPC Specialist Services

Contextual advertising is a flexible tool that allows you to solve a variety of business tasks, from increasing brand awareness to sales.

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Google Ads

Advertising in Google Ads

Google Ads is a service that allows you to place contextual advertising in Google search results or on partner sites in its media network to promote products or services.

Improving Efficiency

Advertising campaign optimization

Cost reduction

Effective work with the budget



I provide services for setting up and maintaining contextual advertising in all regions of Ukraine. Contact us to get a solution specifically for your business!


Text Ads Google Adwords

Contextual advertising in Google AdWords is a very fast way to interest the audience and attract buyers. Your ads will be seen by all target users.


Shopping ads Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a new type of online store advertising campaign that generates significantly more sales than text ads.


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The cost of services of a PPC specialis

Google AdWords from 1500 UAH/con.

Google Shopping from 2500 UAH/con.

Google Ads from 5000 UAH/mon.

PPC Specialist

PPC Specialist Services

Contextual advertising specialist

I will set up an advertising company to promote your business in the search engine. I work with all the tools in Google Ads. I will connect an advertising office and consult on working with it.

The advertising company requires constant attention. You need to monitor ad performance, performance metrics, cost per click, and targeting settings.

Setting up text and image ads that appear in search results and third-party sites on the Display Network (GDN).

Specifying the interests of potential customers will allow you to narrow the reach of the campaign to the selected audience parameters. Such advertising spends the budget more efficiently.

I will assemble a wide semantic core for an advertising company. I will make a list of HF, MF, LF queries including non-commercial queries and negative keywords.

I will analyze the settings of the advertising company and offer solutions to reduce advertising costs.

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    Free business consultation

    Pros of contextual advertising

    The main advantages of contextual advertising:

    Target audience only

    Ads will be shown to users who are looking for your product or are interested in it.

    Pay for results

    You only pay when a user visits the site or calls you.

    Track profitability

    You can check the number of clicks, orders, calls, or estimate the return on advertising investment at any time.

    You can start with a minimum budget

    You decide how much you are willing to spend on attracting customers.

    New clients this week

    Setting up an advertising campaign takes from 3 days.

    Continuous increase in efficiency

    Every month I analyze the results and redistribute the budget in favor of working solutions.

    How does contextual advertising work?

    Let's look at a specific example:

    1. A person enters “buy a car” into the search bar, and the system starts filtering information.

    2. After a few seconds, the search engine shows the user all the sites that match the entered query. About 70% of sites will contain information about the sale of cars and where you can buy them, and the remaining 30% will be the same contextual advertising.

    Such ads are mostly to the right of the main list of sites or above it. This type of advertising is not intrusive, so it does not cause negative emotions in people and irritation. Meanwhile, contextual advertising can contain quite useful information that will help solve the problem of a particular network user. These ads are often referred to as search ads.

    The formation of thematic advertising is based on several important aspects:

    1. Targeting. In this case, the system processes the content of the pages that the web user is viewing, and then selects ads that are as close as possible to the text of the page.

    2. Features of user behavior. The system keeps track of the user’s search history and then shows relevant ads.

    3. Remarketing. This tool is based on the study of human behavior. That is, the system analyzes all data about the user and his activity while viewing various goods and services, products added to the cart, etc., and then selects specific types of ads.