Vitaliy Storozhev

Integrated Internet Marketing

I offer services to Internet marketing for small and medium-sized businesses in Kharkiv. I will develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for promotion.

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WEB-marketing services for business on the Internet

Complex marketing is a solution for business with various tools, which are individually selected for a specific skin situation and project.

Web marketing tools include advertising and crawling through a web resource.

Searching for and getting clients from the Internet is the main task of web marketing.


My services

Contextual advertising

Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization for search engine promotion

Website development

Creation of websites and online stores

Complex SEO of the site

Getting traffic through all available channels

SEO of the online store

Getting traffic and selling the site with the help of digital tools

SEO landing page

Comprehensive promotion and optimization of a one-page site

Corporate website

Information or business site for a firm, company, agency.

Online store

Website for online trading with a large number of product categories


One-page site for selling a service or a small amount of goods


Years Of Experience


Successful Projects


Awards Winning


Happy Clients


The minimum cost of outsourcing some Internet marketing work is indicated

text ads from 1500 UAH/serv.

shopping ads from 2500 UAH/serv.

advertising from 3000 UAH/mon.

one-page site from 3000 UAH/mon.

corporate website from 5000 UAH/mon.

online store from 10000 UAH/mon.

one-page site from 5000 UAH/serv.

corporate website from 10,000 UAH/serv.

online store from 15000 UAH/serv.


My portfolio of creating websites and online stores on CMS WordPress and OpenCart. The results of work on the promotion of projects on the Internet.

Why do you need integrated marketing for your business?

The use of integrated Internet marketing is significantly different from promoting a business through a single tool.

An individual approach to each specific type of business, taking into account the analysis of competitors, a niche and the selection of suitable tools. There is no universal recipe for promotion that would suit everyone equally. That is why it is important to develop the right marketing strategy, calculate very specific numbers to achieve goals and predict possible results.

Unified internet marketing strategy. After all, if there is no such thing and the business is promoted by individual contractors who are not connected with each other in any way and do not intersect in the course of work, this is unlikely to bring positive results even when using several channels at the same time. The importance of a marketing strategy is to develop certain goals for all specialists, the achievement of which is possible only as a result of constant interaction and intersection. If each specialist works on their own, it will be quite difficult to understand which channel brings the maximum profit.

In complex Internet marketing, several tools are involved at once, which are interconnected and influence each other. Through this synergy of channels, it is possible to identify and strengthen the most effective ones much faster, abandoning the less effective and more expensive ones. Indeed, in the process of analysis, it may turn out that you can spend much less on contextual advertising and at the same time get more thanks to two other channels (for example, SMM and SEO), which are no less effective for this business, also affect it, but cost less.

Who needs complex Internet marketing

Companies that have already started using some Internet marketing tools, have received the first results, want to develop them, as well as try new promotion channels.

Companies that want to increase the effectiveness of their marketing through a more conscious use of tools.

Companies that are really ready for a large number of new customers, because integrated marketing hits all the “fronts”, and here it is important to prepare managers who will have time to process new applications.