Vitaliy Storozhev

Company promotion on Google Maps

Comprehensive account management in "Google My Business", services for advertising and promotion of your company on Google maps.

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Google My Bussines

Setting up Google My Business

Google My Business is a small business product that helps you get noticed and stand out online and find new customers for free.



Promoting a company in Google My Business is a must if you want to grow your business and promote your brand in the region where you work.

Create a profile

• Registration of a geopoint on Google Maps.
• Filling the profile with content
(contacts, photos, videos, promotions, news)
• Adding product categories, products, services

Account setup — from 2500 UAH/serv.
Account maintenance — from 2000 UAH/month.
Optimization — from 1500 UAH/serv.

Rating upgrade

• Testimonials from real people with Google Maps expert accounts.
• Review text in 3 languages: En, Ru, Ua
• Only safe and proven methods for adding reviews

Placement of reviews – from 100 UAH / piece

3D tour, 360° view

• Shooting with HDR technology
• Retouching unwanted elements.
• Creating a tour on Google maps.

3D tour (360°) — from 5000 UAH/serv.

List of works

Maintaining a Google My Business account

The list of works on the integrated maintenance of an account on Google Maps:

1. Add categories and up to 10 subcategories.
2. I add at least 50 photos. Preferably a close-up facade, a distant facade, a product, an interior, a team. Accordingly, then the photos inside the profile are sorted into these categories.
3. I work with reviews according to a certain algorithm to raise you in the rankings and make you stand out from the rest.
4. I create advertising records according to your requests (promotions, news).
5. Adding company history.

6. I post a video if you provided it, or there is one on your resources.
7. If several branches, I prescribe codes to branches so that Google does not read it as a double and does not block the profile.
8. I increase the area of ​​your coverage of services, adding the territory that can attract potential customers to you.
9. According to your profile, I individually look at what else needs to be added or done in addition to the above actions.
10. Write keywords

Comprehensive account promotion

What are the benefits of promoting your business on Google Maps:

С учетом всего комплекса выполненных работ увеличивается количество заходов потенциальных клиентов. Увеличивается время нахождения клиентов на вашем профиле.

Увеличивается количество переходов на ваш сайт или соц страницу. В разы увеличивается количество просмотров фотографий размещенных на вашем профиле.

Гугл начинает оценивать ваш бизнес как живой и активный и по этапно все чаще показывает по запросам и в том числе и по адрессу. Вас будут лучше находить, так как комплекс работ выполняемых в профиле будет производится по этапно, по определенной схеме.