Vitaliy Storozhev

Internet marketing consultation

✓ free telephone consultation - for owners of small and medium-sized businesses on the Internet

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Vitaly Storozhev

Internet Marketer №➀

I’ve been in online marketing for 13 years. I speak with the entrepreneur in the same language, without complex words and “smart” terms. I advise and implement competent Internet promotion for small and medium-sized businesses.

Grow your traffic

I know how to promote a project in Google

Profit Growth

I will help you find an effective solution


I am answering the questions

If you want to discuss your project in more detail, we can arrange a meeting in Kharkov. The cost of the consultation is 500 UAH/2 hours.

I will study the competitive situation in the search engine on your subject. I will offer my vision of the future project. I will draw up a detailed work plan, where each stage will be as economically justified as possible.

If you want to promote your site yourself, order a consultation. If you strictly follow all my recommendations, then your site will go to the TOP

Not every way of advertising on the Internet is suitable for your niche. I will help you choose a tool for an effective advertising campaign that will work best for your target audience.

In your niche, there are probably already strong players who are serious about the issue of promotion on the network. I will carefully analyze their methods and show you how they achieved such high results.

Only a high-quality site will be able to advance in the search engine and bring you traffic. I will give you recommendations: what to choose the “engine” of the site, how to properly organize the root directory structure, what content to fill the site with, install modules and plugins, etc.

How to choose CMS, WordPress or Opencart? Both CMS systems are designed for full-fledged projects with wide functionality (do not confuse with constructors like Tilda, Wix). WordPress and Opencart sites are doing well in search engines. The WordPress platform is suitable for creating landing pages and corporate websites, while Opencart is suitable for creating online stores with a large database of categories and products.

Website promotion begins with the elimination of technical errors that prevent its indexing. Next, you need to perform SEO-optimization of the site pages for search queries and start increasing the link weight of landing pages.

Filling the site is necessary only with high-quality content. Texts must be unique and contain key phrases (search queries). Content must be well-distributed across pages so that it creates the right “behavior factor”.


Years of experience


Projects in portfolio


Google certificate


Satisfied customers

Marketing consulting for starting a business

If you have an idea for a business but don't know what it takes to make it happen; if you already have a business and want to develop and scale it, then order a consultation from an Internet marketer

I create the foundation for your business:

+ I will analyze the niche, audience, competitors;
+ predict prospects, profitability and risks;
+ I will help to calculate the budget for starting and promoting a business.

I will also help you develop a plan for the promotion of the project.

You will know what services and tools you need to use to run your business more efficiently.

After the consultation, you will understand in what conditions you start, where you are striving and how to achieve business goals. You will have a list of recommendations, solutions and answers, as well as instructions for implementing them.